We are proud to announce BlockHack @ Global Entreprenurship Summit, with E-Cell, IIT-KGP driven by the Initiative of U-Hack, StreetHack. It will take place at Kharagpur on February 1st, 2019. It’s time to get your team together and apply! Stay tuned for more updates on the challenges, prizes and resources.

Design an ed-tech informatic & interactive platform, which targets the new-comers in blockchain domain and handholds them, with various opportunity to contribute and work in this vertical. This Challenge is backed by Hyperledger Bangalore Community. For now, You can focus more on hyperledger vertical.
You can get inspiration from -
What Can I Do For Mozilla

Prize - Special Hyperledger Goodie is up for this challenge. This will be a prime portal for hyperledger bangalore community, to spread awareness about different avenues of opportunities available in Blockchain vertical & Hyperledger Community.


Design a mechanism that nullifies the problem of interference when Distribution and telecommunation lines are installed in a single pole.

Expected Solution :

Ensure the designed mechanism limits the effect of Harmonic attenuation and noise to a tolerable level


No constraints.

Devise a solution that takes the voice from the microphone of mobile/tablet device and converts it into the text of multiple languages in the real time. The microphone should be running in the background and the text should be displayed in real time.
References -
Google Document Link
Github Repo Link of Kaldi
Google Developer Blog


Devise a solution that takes voice input from the microphone of mobile/tablet device and predicts mood in the real time.
Moods: Anger, Sadness, Happiness, Disgust, Fear, Pleasent surprise, neutral etc.
An input can have multiple outputs. for eg. I can feel emotions like "disgust and anger" at the same time.
Input: Voice file (real time) Output: Emotions + rating out of 5

References / Dataset :
You are free to use any open source or google audio dataset.


With Enterprises collecting all kinds of data from their channels, it's a tough task to maintain the data sanitized. The task is to create a data sanitization tool, where only task asking for human intervention must be uploading of file on server.

Solution domains we appreciate

  • TBA


No constraints


TBA on January 28th, 2019. You can look for open source data set as well.


To be announced at the event.


To be announced at the event.


Challenge is to design and develop a game, with Peer 2 Peer Engagement as center idea of the game.
It can be around educational, marketing, enterprise vertical.


A opportunity to work on ideas that matter to you. Could range from a application to a IOT solution , a bot or a blockchain solution.

Expected Solution :

A working prototype .


No constraints.


Registration Starts

January 27th, 2019

Registration Ends

January 31st, 2019

Hackathon Starts

February 1st, 2019 ,10:00 pm


February 2nd, 2019


Trip to Singapore

A week stay at Manali

3D/2N stay at Manali

Intership with Codestreet


Should you have any other query, ping us at

YES. TOTALLY. With specific conditions (described in this FAQ), we offer you free accommodation, free snacks, free drinks.
Register / Sign in at, apply to BlockHack hackathon and submit your project with as much detail as you can. It’s that simple!
Submit your project plan to BlockHack hackathon page. Join us at the event. Showcase your skills and project to convince the judges your solution is the best!
No. This is an Online as well as On-site Event, But who would want to miss the spirit of the whole event and Global Entrepreneurship Summit? So be there, it will be AMAZING. BlockHack hackathon will be held at GES, IIT - KGP.
Sorry, For BlockHack, we couldn’t arrange for travel grants this time. But we have prizes to feed your craving for travel. Take the Plunge.
Yes you can! But we definitely recommend you to team up with some people with coding skills. You can search for them at our StreetHack Hackathon Community and ask them to join your team.
YES. We accept talented individuals to hack. We also accept individuals who have virtual team to back them up. Although we appreciate highly matchmaking before and at the venue.
Each team member should apply at . When you submit your Project on Github, just tag your team members to the project so we know who are involved in which project. Keep the project information up-to-date. We accept the projects through github/gitlab only.
Since this is 12 hr stint, who will sleep and lose out the chance of winning awesome prizes and interacting such a vibrant community.
Coffee, tea and some light refreshments will be available.
Kharagpur campus is big enough to accomodate all special changes, even though, we recommend you to connect with GES Team.
Bring your own laptop and other devices such as your phone, tablet, charger, adapters etc. If possible come-up with an internet device for your team, which can be used in emergency by you, as our servers will be handling large amount of traffic. Bring also your personal items and whatever you think you would need during your weekend.
Of course there are limitations how to protect your idea when all ideas are visible. It is all about how you can manage to execute your idea. And remember - source code is not visible to all! Source code can be shown only to the judge. All IPR retains with you, and doesn’t transfer in this competition. However, challenge owners have the first buyer right for 3 months after the 12H event is finished.
The ROFR only concerns the IPR created by the teams, not IPR owned or created by partners, organizers, etc. The team owns all IPR they have created, but if they want to sell this IPR to a third party, the track’s main partner may have the right to buy the IPR instead (becoming the buyer in the third party’s place). Generally, if a partner brings their own IPR to contestants, they are encouraged to do a separate agreement on use license of that particular IPR for the duration of the hackathon contest.
Yes. We believe in functional working solutions, and We also believe in True spirit of hackathon. So, You will be judged on the work done in 12 hour at hackathon. But, we encourage to prepare yourself before hackathon. We also encourage start-ups working in similar domain and professional to come up with solutions.

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