Our Reasons To Be An StreetHacker

StreetHack took shape as a community platform with the vision of active and productive communities. Where Everyone wants to give back to the community. Where we feel, that If community grows, we grow. With the mission of eradicating the nuisances of Education system and empowering it with a collaborative development culture, peer to peer learning culture, experiential learning culture and community being the centric power.

Feed Your Heart

  • Feel to change your institution status.
  • Get a reason to wake up in morning.
  • Find a dream, to not sleep in night.
  • We will guide you through your aim.

Stand out of Crowd

  • Get found
  • Learn fast with our mentors
  • Tee and Swags :)

Because I don't want to

  • Get frustrated at End of Day.
  • Scream after 24 hr of virtual socialising.
  • "Kyuki mai din bhar sona nhi chahta" - Hostellers.
  • Introduce college, with chai wala landmark.

How TechSpace Changes Things ?

"It really matters, whether people are working on generating clean energy or improving transportation or making the internet work better and all other things. And small groups of people can have a really huge impact."
And Techspace is the platform of small peers.

Share our vision ?
This is what we will do together.

Develop Community

  • Create community, if it doesn't exist.
  • Collaborate with existing community.
  • Use TechSpace to reduce overheads.

Engage Community

  • Share Targeted & Quality Content.
  • Strategic Partnerships.
  • Organize quality events.

Leverage Community

  • Promote Entrepreneurship Events.
  • Work with TPO to increase Internship & Placements.
  • And endless possibilities.

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