We are proud to announce Savengy Ideathon which poses problem statement from Electronics domain to aesthetics vertical, running from February 8th, 2019 to March 1st. It’s time to get your team together and apply!
Stay tuned for more updates on the challenges, prizes and resources.


Design a mechanism that nullifies the problem of interference when Distribution and telecommunation lines are installed in a single pole.

Expected Solution :

Ensure the designed mechanism limits the effect of Harmonic attenuation and noise to a tolerable level


No constraints.


Mounika : CEO, Savengy Technologies Pvt Ltd.


Ideathon Starts

February 8th, 2019

Ideathon Ends

March 8th, 2019


March 11th, 2019

Always Announcing More

2 Night - 3 Day Trip To Kodaikanal*


Should you have any other query, ping us at

Register at this Form, apply to Savengy Ideathon and submit your project on the link shared with you, with as much detail as you can. It’s that simple!
Submit your project plan after registration on the submission link, sent to you in confirmation mail. Keep updating the idea. Showcase your skills and project to convince the judges your solution is the best!
You can update the idea till the last submission day.
Sorry, This event is online, so no travel for work :) But we have prizes to feed your craving for travel. Take the Plunge.
Yes you can! But we definitely recommend you to team up with some people with domain skills. You can search for them at our StreetHack Hackathon Community and ask them to join your team.
YES. We accept talented individuals to hack. We also accept individual.
Each team member should apply at . When you Register, You will receive an email with the link to submission page. Keep the project information up-to-date.
This is online event.
We won't deliver you anything buddy except challenges to feed your brain's hunger. :)
If you are the winner, Bring everything you can, to enjoy the trip.
Nobody can see your idea, except the jury panel.
The ROFR only concerns the IPR created by the teams, not IPR owned or created by partners, organizers, etc. The team owns all IPR they have created, but if they want to sell this IPR to a third party, the track’s main partner may have the right to buy the IPR instead (becoming the buyer in the third party’s place). Generally, if a partner brings their own IPR to contestants, they are encouraged to do a separate agreement on use license of that particular IPR for the duration of the hackathon contest.
Work for whole month buddy!

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