The story of U-Hack

U-Hack [University Hackathon] was started in 2016, as U-Hack 1.0 in InfoXpression, USICT, GGSIPU, with problem statements from CodeStreet and NewsHq. Uhack 2.0, 2017 became Indian preliminary of Ultrahack, where the StreetHack team started creating the community of Ultrahack India via Hackathons. U-Hack 3.0 again was a massive success.
This concept was then fully formalized by StreetHack Team, and StreetHack as community is here with you, for you to drive the vision of a community which is self-sustainable, long living, productive, active, and act as launchpad for technologists and beginners. And we are open sourcing our methodology, platform and ideas to the community & members who share our vision, Because we Belive,
"Together We Can Do Things Better".

We provide features that you need !

From Lorem Ipsum Dashboards to Your Own U-Hack Platform

Your Own Platform

From Registrations, Teams, Ideation, submission and Judging, We have got you covered.

Community Outreach

Reach with our Brand to the Community of students, professionals, startups.

Next Level Support

Our Enterprise Platform is open for UHack Community with client side and admin panel.

Data Analytics

Recieve Data from Your UHack and celebrate the success of UHack as measured by Community.

Plan with Us

Our Documentation and pipelines help you to plan everything you need for a U-Hack.

Keep Community Intact

Our most tangible value is the Ecosystem, we help you create after hackathon, which remain intact and can do wonders.

Glimpse of U-Hack

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U-Hack 4.0

October, GGSIPU, New Delhi

This is our annual anniversary event, marking another year of U-Hack. U Hack X.0 marks the "X"th year of U-Hack. Hackathon Dates will be announced Soon.

Frequently asked some questions

1. I want to Organize Hackathon at my college, How can StreetHack help?

As already mentioned in features, we become your companion. You can put your u-hack live on our platform. You can reach the community from our platform, everything which takes to organize one successful hackathon, streethack is there with you.

Do You sponsor in kind or cash ?

We do not come as a sponsor, instead as a Co-organizer. The Hackathon is Branded as "U-Hack ABC at XYZ college". Where ABC is your Techfest or Hackathon name, and XYZ is your College Name.

Although we don't prefer to say, ourselves a sponsor, but we generally support hackathon with our platform, community, free listing, enterprise level analysis, sponsor connects, resource analysis, problem statements, strategic partnerships. Swags and Tee are always up for winners & organizing team.

3. As streetHack comes as co-organizer, who has decision powers then ?

All the decision power lies with you. and We believe you, that your decisions won't fall under StreetHack's conflict of Interest.

4. What is the subtle features of U-Hack?

1. Pre - Hack Engagement

2. Post - Hack Engagement

5. How many days it take to organize U-Hack?

We advise to start planning 90 days prior to the event. Although, E-cell, IIT-KGP have pulled BlockHack [U-Hack GES at IIT-KGP] in just a span of 4 days with the efforts of StreetHack. So, just let us know, and We will find a way out together.

What is U-Hack 1.0 / 2.0 .. U-Hack X.0 ?

This is our annual anniversary event, marking another year of U-Hack. U Hack X.0 marks the "X"th year of U-Hack. We start this Hackathon at our founding place, USICT, GGSIPU, and this year, we have lots of surprises in bags for the community. As a matter of fact, U-Hack 1.0 was organized in 2016 & U-Hack 2.0 in 2017, U-Hack 3.0 in 2018 and We are anxiously waiting for dates of U-Hack 4.0 in 2019.

What are U-Hack previous associates doing ? What will organizers learn or How do organizers grow at Personal level, while co-organizing Hackathon with StreetHack ?

We believe, "A leader is someone who creates 10 new leaders." 10 is just a number here, Idea is to propogate the thoughts and sense of ownership, and sense of pursuit toward the vision. Volunteers of our previous organising teams, have went on to starting their own ventures, are in board of products of open-source organizations, winning International hackathons among "n" number of things.

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