Bring Life To Work || Community Development

We celebrate the sense of belonging with our Community and believe that it's good to grow together. Join us to feel the power of community.

Do you feel the same ?


This is one of the pillars for engagement . A place where passion meets profession .Giving power to employees .

Internal Community

  • Engagement tthat matters
  • Foster innovations
  • Passion meets Profession
  • Discover the real talent

External Community

  • Crowdsource Ideas & Innovations
  • Crowdsource R & D, Product Validation
  • Meet Potential Team-Fit Talent

Innovate with us || Hackathons

Knock down the challenges of your workplace. Search for simple, classy, or wild ideas together, try them out with a prototype.

All in one Night! Sounds Fascinating?

Leveraging Community

Targeted Content, Constant Engagement and Incentivizing Community creates the self-driven Community.

Internal Hackathon

  • Accelerate 2x
  • Foster Innovations
  • Team Building Exercise
  • Cross Team Engagement
  • Discover Upcoming Tech Avenues

External Hackathon

  • Crowdsource Prototypes
  • Solve Business Challenges
  • Community Outreach Activity
  • Validate Product in Community
  • Create Ecosystem Around Enterprise

Hiring Hackathon

  • Avoid Bad Hires
  • Crowdsource Talent
  • Best Technical Fit
  • Choose Best Team Fit
  • Get Behavioural Metrics


We are enterprise partners in

Engagement Program

We help you build positive engagement among employees through various activities to keep them happy , building a collaborative culture & controlling the attrition rate.

Upskill team

Learn through product building powered by hackathon culture , coupled with pre-hack meets , with peer to peer learning as main focus.

Voice of Enterprise

A product to continously monitor the pulse of the enterprise.

Talent Acquistion

We help you to meet talent so that you can Hire the very best with focus on right technical & behavioral fit .

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