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We celebrate the power of quality learning and stipends by promoting the opportunities at StreetHack Internship platform

Do you wanna hack your college life ?

Focus & Xplore

We have lots of opportunities to increase your Karma Points.
Karma Points helps you hack your career easily.

Online Hackathons

Onsite Hackathons

Learning Hackathons

Open Source Championship

Hiring Hackathon

1:1 Mentorship Hour

Features & Offerings

We believe efforts of interns shall be recognized.
Internship is the backbone in making of a professional before graduation.

First Internship Guaranteed

Zero Stipend Internship

For Newbies Only

₹5K to ₹50K of Stipends

Pay 10% Stipends/Month

During Internship

Redeem Karma Points

₹ 500/Mentorship Session


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